450th Anniversary

World CLC is pleased to announce the 450th Jubilee Year of Grace from March 25th 2013 to March 25th 2014


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450 years Ignatian Lay Communities


The year 2013 will mark 450 years of Ignatian Lay Communities.

In 1563, Jean Leunis SJ started the Prima Primaria in the Roman College. This became the first community to which the many Marian Congregations (or Sodalities of Our Lady) were affiliated. These soon sprung up all over the world. These lay communities were instrumental in preserving and transmitting the Ignatian charism in all areas of life, a role which became all the more invaluable during the suppression of the Society of Jesus. The Congregations had a powerful impact on social and moral life down through all these years. In 1967, the Prima Primaria transformed itself into CLC and thus continues its uninterrupted transmission of the Ignatian charism amongst the laity.

This Jubilee is an important occasion for the whole Ignatian family. Especially, we also reflect on and celebrate our 450 years of collaboration with the Society of Jesus and the many fruits this collaboration has produced. To mark this occasion, CLC, especially as heir to the lay dimension of this tradition, will organize some events to celebrate this landmark (at the national, regional and world levels) and invites other Ignatian groups to join us.

We see this as a call to reflect on the role of the lay Ignatian communities in the Church and in the world.

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