CLC: A Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations

Geneva Working Group



The CLC NGO Working Group meets in order to create a bridge between the United Nations and the World Christian Life Community. The main purpose of the group is twofold:
a) to support our UN Representative and to give him/her CLC grass root contact
b) to offer the world Christian Life Community a formation:
• towards the personal integration of the dimensions of faith and justice as called for in GP 4 and 8 and the Spiritual Exercises
• towards an empowerment of CLC: to heighten awareness of the possibilities for CLC to live out this integration; to take a public stand.



The actual priority is in the area of refugees/ migrants, identified as a critical issue in today's world, the opportunity for enriching the consciousness of the world community would also serve to enrich our United Nations Representative's access to information from the World Community while offering the possibility of collaboration with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), with special attention to racism, which has many faces and expressions depending on political, social, cultural, religious biases and so touches everyone in the world. The option to work against racism was expressed in a hopeful and positive statement: multi-cultural respect, dialogue and advocacy.


Our UN Working Group in Geneva is made out of these persons:

  • Mikaela Hillerström
  • Francoise Dubosson
  • Daniela Frank
  • Guy Maginzi
  • Roswitha Cooper
  • Manuel Enciso
  • Goran Kühner
  • Christophe Albrecht

If you want to contact all the members of the working group, please use this e-mail: