CLC: A Non-Governmental Organization at the United Nations


In 1975, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations Organization granted the Christian Life Community consultative status (Roster) at the United Nations.
The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) activities relate to development, world trade, industrialization, natural resources, human rights, status of women, population, social welfare, science and technology, prevention of crime, etc.
As a Roster member, CLC joins other organizations which do not have general or special consultative standing but which the Council, or the Secretary General of the United Nations, considers can make occasional and useful contributions to the work of the Council or its subsidiary bodies.
CLC has had the right to send delegates to meetings, to intervene in debates, to propose solutions and to collaborate with Council and United Nations Secretariat personnel in areas in which we have expertise.


Our UN Working Group in New York is made out of these persons:

  • Ann Marie Brennan
  • Jose Lim
  • Leah Michaud
  • Marie Schimelfening
  • Sylvia Picard Schmitt
  • Joan Woods
  • Marcelito Custodio


Working Group Documents
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