Christian Life Community: Network Participation

CLC collaborates with others as a member of the Conference of International Catholic Organizations (ICO) and as a member of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (CONGO).

  • In order to improve the consultative process and the coordination of activities in relationship to United Nations activities, CONGO was established providing a forum for NGOs with common interests to come together to study, plan, support, and act in relation to the principles and programs of the UN.
  • For 80 years, The Conference of ICO provided a focal point of information, reflection and co-ordination for its members. In its extraordinary General Assembly of the Conference of the International Catholic Organisations, held on 19th June 2008 in Paris, decided on the institution’s DISSOLUTION. The decision’s main object is to allow for the new Forum which included an additional 100 Catholic-inspired NGOs, and held its first meeting in Rome in November 2007. The world CLC is actively involved in the Forum of Catholic Inspired NGOs.


Conference Of Non-Governmental Organizations
International Catholic Organisations (ICOs)
International Catholic Centers: Geneva; New York; Paris