Progressio is the journal of the Christian Life Community that has been published since 1968. Progressio integrates the World CLC through reflections on our spirituality and provides a forum for experiences of the CLC way of life in different dimensions: Spiritual, Communitarian, Apostolic and Personal.

Progressio is published twice yearly, additionally one Progressio supplement provides thematic material on our spirituality and formation. If you desire to subscribe , please use the following subscription form.

progressio cover No. 2, 2020
Called to fill our world with the language of wisdom
“Learn to be like giraffes” that need a big heart, because of the height of their neck and head, to pump blood strongly to reach the brain. This allows them to fulfill the function
of seeing reality with amplitude, in its totality and complexity, and thus to think about its causes and solutions. Do not stop thinking and dreaming big, acting in the simple things of every day.

progressio cover Supplement No. 75
General Principles and General Norms of the Christian Life Community
Updated version of General Principles and General Norms of Christian Life Community


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